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See Xbox One's new party feature in this video

A new Xbox One update may let you see who is in a party before joining it.

A future Xbox One update may introduce the ability to see who is in a party before joining it. Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra recently posted a video on Twitter that shows off the simple, but welcome feature. Take a look at it below (via DualShockers).

You'll notice that a line of text now reads "see who's in the party" when you hover over a friend's name. This specific wording (someone on Twitter suggested a tighter "View Party") as well as the overall design could change as Microsoft continues to develop the feature, Ybarra said.

There is no word yet when this new feature may be introduced on Xbox One. Outside of a small, "behind the-scenes" update that arrived earlier in January, the console hasn't received a new system update since November 2015's New Xbox One Experience.

Holding back updates in December and January was an intentional move, as Microsoft said it wanted to focus on stability during the holiday season. The next major update for Xbox One is coming in February.

Ybarra said he's meeting with Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb sometime today, January 11, to discuss new Xbox One and Windows 10 features. We'll report back when we learn more.