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See what's inside the original Teddy Ruxpin talking bear

Ever wonder what lurks inside the retro talking toy Teddy Ruxpin? The YouTube channel What's Inside opens him up so you don't have to.

Now that the talking bear toy Teddy Ruxpin is coming back with an new pair of creepy emoji-like eyes, it makes sense that kids are curious to know more about what makes him tick.

The original '80s Teddy Ruxpin toy played special tapes that contained channels with separate audio tracks holding animation data. This data would signal the tape to make the toy's mouth move. Tinkerers later found the toy to be very hackable.

In the latest video posted Saturday by YouTube channel What's Inside, Dan Markham and young son Lincoln open up the 1980s version Teddy Ruxpin to see how it talks, sings and moves.

The more they remove of the face and body of Teddy, the more evil it appears. Once Teddy is stripped down to his essentials, it's revealed that his belly is actually just a giant speaker.

Nothing is sadder than watching Teddy be cracked open with a sledgehammer while he's singing. Poor fella.

Don't blame us if you get Teddy Ruxpin nightmares!

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET