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See what's cooking with Dacor

Dacor expands its product line with the Epicure 36-inch gas range.

Looking good, cooking good. Dacor

The new Dacor Epicure 36-inch gas range brings style and ease of use to the kitchen. Featuring a cool flame-blue glow when in use, the burner controls are just a touch of what to expect when using the stove. With a large cooking area and a spacious oven interior that can accommodate a full-size commercial sheet pan, the range combines good looks with deep usability.

With six burners in total, in three different configurations, the stovetop is very versatile. The burners include two sealed gas burners rated at 9.500 BTU, two at 15.000 BTU, and two SimmerSear burners that range from a convenient 800 BTU output for delicate cooking, all the way up to 18,500 BTU for applying quick, hot heat for steaks or other foods that benefit from a quick sear.

The oven is just as versatile as the stovetop, featuring four cooking modes that include a three-part convection system that includes fan, air baffle, and convection filter. The system creates an environment for superior heat distribution with zero flavor transfer. When cooking at the same time, the roast should taste like roast, while the cake should taste like cake. Along with convection bake or broil, the oven also offers traditional baking and broiling modes.

When you're ready to peek inside (and who isn't when it comes to dinnertime?), the range offers a large viewing window, while bright halogen lighting makes it easy to see inside. With a kitchen decked out with a quality range, dinner never looked so good.