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See the world with Instagram-colored glasses

"Life is beautiful, even more beautiful with filters," says the designer of these camera specs.

Markus Gerke

Is Instagram just a handy photo-sharing platform, or does it represent some unconscious longing for better times when all was analog?

Whatever the case, these concept glasses let you view the world through the prism of retro photography.

Designed by Markus Gerke of Berlin, Instaglasses are specs that would take photos with an integrated camera and, of course, Instagram filters.

When seeing an Instagram-worthy scene, users would push a button between their eyes to activate the camera. It would display filtered images in the lenses, as seen in the pic below.

One of the arms would have buttons to select various filters to apply to the scene, as well as a button to trip the shutter.

Maybe you could leave the filter on all the time and see the world like an old Polaroid camera, pretending it's not really 2012.

Unfortunately, Gerke has no plans to produce his concept, though I think it would get traction on Kickstarter. What do you think? Would you wear them?

Markus Gerke

(Via Forbes)