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See the world through the eye of the iPhone 5S

Take a look at our gallery of pictures shot by Apple's iPhone 5S smartphone. Bonus: Critiques from CNET Digital Imaging Senior Editor Lori Grunin.

Apple's refreshed 8MP sensor in the iPhone 5S boasts numerous improvements across the board. Apple

Apple's newest smartphone on the block -- the iPhone 5S -- packs a photographic punch in comparison to its predecessors. CNET Digital Imaging Senior Editor Lori Grunin breaks down all the technobabble that describes the bits and bobs behind the lens of the iPhone 5S, leaving only one photography-related matter on the table: sample pictures.

What good are megapixels, a larger aperture size, and all that other mumbo jumbo if they don't produce good results? Thankfully, Apple provided a big handful of sample pictures (including a panorama and True Tone dual LED flash) taken with the iPhone 5S for your viewing -- and judgment.

Additionally, you won't want to miss Grunin's expert thoughts on a few flaws seen in the following gallery of pictures from the iPhone 5S camera, which, at an iPhone event Tuesday, Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller described as "dSLR-level stuff."

There's little doubt that the iPhone 5S camera excels over the iPhone 5, especially if you look back at our previous gallery of sample photos from the older device.

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