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See the sun's fury on spectacular 4K display in this NASA video

Each minute of the NASA 4K ultra-HD video took 10 hours to make, and the labor pays off with searing detail of the blazing star.

The Solar Dynamic Observatory sees this sort of sun image all day long.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory only has eyes for the sun. It tracks changes in the star and captures images in different wavelengths so we humans with our sensitive eyes can see what's going on.

A group of media specialists spent a lot of time taking SDO images and working them into a 4K video that shows the sun in ultra high definition. It's so clear you can almost feel the heat emanating from your monitor.

The video, released Sunday, is about half an hour long, which makes it feel pretty epic when you're watching it. It's even more impressive when you consider it took 10 hours of work to generate each minute of footage.

The SDO images the sun every 12 seconds in 10 different wavelengths of ultraviolet light. You can imagine the amount of data that piles up in a single day of the observatory's work. The video shows the sun in varying wavelengths, which is why the color changes from orange to yellow to red to blue like a dramatic holiday light.

NASA refers to the video as "thermonuclear art." It has a point. Material bursts out of the sun, arcing into space. Bright spots sizzle through the chaotic glow. It's mesmerizing and a little bit terrifying.

If you have the screen and processing power to handle the whole 4K enchilada, you're in for an extra treat. This is as close as you'll ever get to standing right up next to the sun. And through the safety of YouTube, you don't have to worry about burning up in the star's 1,800,000-degree Fahrenheit (1,000,000-degree Celsius) corona.