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See the savannah through GoPro's Lion Mouth Cam video

What do you get when you leave a GoPro camera near two lions? This quick little video that offers a whole new perspective on a savannah safari.

And you thought only the MGM lion was interested in show biz. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

Sure GoPro cameras have been great for capturing the exploits of humans leaping off buildings, surfing waves and generally doing crazy stuff. But the rugged little camera is also giving a peek into the lives of animals.

Joining a series of GoPro videos that detail animal exploits like the pelican cam, the evil-goat cam and Kama the Surfing Pig is the Lion Mouth Cam, in which a GoPro is left on the ground near two curious lions. Lucky for us, one of them chomps down on it (gently) and begins to trot around with the prize. Equally fortunate is that the lion grabs the thing in the right orientation, so we get a nice level look at the savannah and a bit of frolicking with a pride mate.

I kind of wish the video went on longer, but still, it's a quick, fun look at things from inside a lion's mouth -- a place most of us would never to get to visit otherwise (if we continue to be lucky).