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See the Red Hydrogen One phone unboxed in 3D

We used a second Hydrogen One to film our unboxing in 4-View (4V).

Red Hydrogen One

The Red Hydrogen One can capture 3D photos and videos. We used it to film the unboxing of a second Hydrogen One.

James Martin/CNET

Today, after nearly a year and a half of hype and delays, the Red Hydrogen One phone goes on sale. With a 3D screen, a behemoth aluminum-and-Kevlar body and a $1,300 price tag (which converts to £985 or AU$1,800), this is one of the most curious handsets launched in recent history.

We decided to do something special and film the unboxing of our preordered phone in 3D using a second Hydrogen One. I know, so meta.

The phone films 3D photos and videos which Red calls 4-View (4V). We uploaded our 4V unboxing footage up to CNET's YouTube channel. So grab a VR headset and sit back and enjoy the Hydrogen One in all its 3D Hollywood glory below:

We should note that the best way to experience this phone and its 4V display and cameras is to check it out in person. Luckily, both AT&T and Verizon are planning viewing booths for the Red Hydrogen One in their stores.

For more on the Red Hydrogen One phone check out our in-depth review.

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