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See the phases of the moon as you sip from this artful cup

A clever glass lets you hold a moon, at various stages of the lunar cycle, in the palm of your hand.

Hold the moon in your hand. Tale Design

It takes about 29.5 days for the lunar-phase cycle. That means we have to spend a whole month looking at the moon every night to see it go from new to full and back to new, leaving trails of varying crescents along the way.

There's a faster way to follow the moon. You can do it with a cup called a Moon Glass.

The Moon Glass comes from Korean designers Tale Design. The ceramic cup is intended to hold rice wine, but you can use it with whatever liquid you prefer (you might want something vaguely moon-colored, like milk or some sort of cream liqueur).

When near the brim, you can look down on the cup and see a full moon. Sip it to half-full and you see a half moon. Keep going and the beverage forms into the shape of a crescent moon. Empty it and you get the new moon. Start over. Tell your friends you're involved in some serious lunar studies.

The glasses come in small and large sizes. A two-cup set in the small size costs $24 (about £16, AU$34) and a set of large runs $30 (about £20, AU$43).

The Moon Glasses could be a start to whole lunar-themed decor concept for your home. You can add some moon-inspired Luna lanterns and a framed copy of Neil Armstrong's moon walk EKG for your wall. Put CNET's supermoon eclipse gallery up on a monitor and people will think they've stepped into an astrophysicist's lair when they come over for a visit.

(Via RocketNews24)