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Parody video pokes fun at the perils of Pokemon Go

This fan-made Pokemon Go commercial mirrors real-life dangers faced by players who end up falling off cliffs and walking into traffic while trying to capture digital creatures.

Ever play Pokemon Go and almost walk in front of a bus just to grab the elusive Nidoqueen? Or perhaps you were on a quest to capture a Ninetales in a deserted parking lot when someone on a much different quest demanded your wallet.

Such dangers are real enough that the San Francisco Police Department even issued safety tips so distracted players wouldn't run into trees, get hit by buses or walk down dark alleys while staring at their smartphones.

Thankfully, the dangers of playing Pokemon Go also make for hilarious parody footage.

In a video posted to YouTube this week by Parody Patrol, players are seen bumping into outdoor sculptures, wandering into traffic, falling off cliffs, drowning in ponds and attracting the attention of a serial killer, among other perils.

The video is clearly a direct parody of the original "Pokemon Go - Get up and Go" commercial, which originally debuted on July 6.