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See the BlackBerry Z10's bizarre powers in Super Bowl ad

The Super Bowl advert for the new BlackBerry Z10 sees the phone teleporting, fighting fires, and turning a truck into ducks.

We've all had problems with our phone not doing what it's supposed to, but this takes the cake. An advert for the new BlackBerry Z10 shown during last night's Super Bowl sees the phone teleporting, fighting fires and turning a truck into ducks.

The advert is showing what the phone can't do -- a bold move when advertising a new phone and operating system. Check out the video below.

In the ad, a chap walks out of a phone shop with his Z10 -- or Zee10, if you're of the American persuasion -- and enters a bizarre fever-dreamworld that looks like ours, but in which phones have incredible powers.

In his nightmarish hallucination, each of our unfortunate hero's attempts to do something on his phone result in a strange and unexpected accident. He bursts into flames, suddenly finds himself with elephant legs, and is colourfully teleported into the sewer. But the Z10 ultimately saves the day when a lorry jackknifes. Press play on the video below to see the nightmare in full.

That schmoove sound, by the way, is Who Knows, by 70s soul singer Marion Black.

The Super Bowl commercial is a one-off ad and won't reflect the future promotion of BlackBerry 10. But it's clear BlackBerry is trying to get away from its staid, business-like image both with this advert and the appointment of smooth-toned singer Alicia Keys as 'Creative Director'.

The Z10 will be released in the US soon -- but it's already out here in the UK. Look out for our full review of the new phone and new operating system coming very soon.

Have you bagged a BlackBerry? Can the Z10 see off Android? And what do you think of the Super Bowl advert? Kick off in the comments below, or touch down on our Facebook page.