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See the 'Solo' Star Wars Millennium Falcon in 360 degrees

Han's famous ship was a lot cleaner and brighter in its younger days, as "The Star Wars Show" points out.

Sure, the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" credits list Alden Ehrenreich as the film's star, but come on. For some of us, nothing shone brighter in the just-released "Solo" trailer than those glimpses of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's famed ship.

While the Falcon was indeed seen in the 90-second teaser trailer released Monday, fans had to be quick on the freeze-frame to get a good look. On "The Star Wars Show" Wednesday, hosts Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni shared details about the cleaner, newer Falcon fans will see in the film.

"The version of the Falcon we see in the teaser is actually the closest we've ever seen to what a brand new, or well-taken-care-of version of the Corellian freighter would look (like)," Guitierrez said.

"The design was heavily inspired by early Ralph McQuarrie designs with the sleek, sharp look as well as the radar dish pointing up, the single gun on top, and of course, a slick blue paint job" said Carboni, as an image of the Falcon revolved 360 degrees. (Oscar-winning conceptual designer McQuarrie, who died in 2012, was the Force behind Star Wars' iconic look, translating creator George Lucas' descriptions into reality.)

It's been a week of Star Wars news -- and it's only Wednesday. In addition to the "Solo" trailer and its accompanying four new posters, Monday brought the news that the "Game of Thrones" showrunners will be making a series of Star Wars films. 

Plus, this isn't the only Falcon news in the last few months either. Last fall, an $800 Lego set of the ship was released. The model includes upper and lower quad laser cannons; a boarding ramp that lowers; removable hull plates that reveal the main hold, rear compartment and gunnery station; two generations of minifigs; and even the holo-chess board seen in the original movie. Let the Wookiee win.