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Secrets of the Ecto-1 revealed in new 'Ghostbusters' video

We've been waiting to get a closer look at the revamped Ecto-1 for the new "Ghostbusters" movie. Now we know a lot more about the modded hearse.

Phantom containment is hard work. It requires a lot of people and a lot of gear and you need a vehicle that can handle all of that. The super-funky Ecto-1 is the iconic vehicle from the 1984 "Ghostbusters," but the reboot film made a few changes to the design. Sony Pictures released a short video on Wednesday giving us a closer look at the latest long, mean ghost-fighting machine.

Director and co-writer Paul Feig talks about how the main thing he wanted to see carried over from the original "Ghostbusters" movie was the Ecto-1. The car from the first film was a 1959 Cadillac design that would have been used as an ambulance. The new Ecto-1 is a 1984 Cadillac hearse. It doesn't sport the crazy fins of the '59, but it's definitely still in the land-yacht vein.

The video gives us a behind-the-scenes peek as the film crew decorates the hearse and a nice close-up look at the ghostly hood ornament. "I think it's going to satisfy the taste buds of the people who loved the original and then they'll love this one, too, because it's different," says Leslie Jones, who plays Ghostbuster Patty Tolan. The new film opens worldwide in July.