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See Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's official royal wedding photos

Happily ever after: The three official photos released by Kensington Palace's Instagram account range from formal to fun to romantic.

Kensington Palace's Instagram account on Monday released three official photos from the weekend's royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle -- one formal, one fun, and one romantic and dreamy.

We are family

Here's the formal one. Despite including all the little pageboys and flowergirls, it looks nowhere near as crowded as those from Diana and Charles' wedding in 1981, which crammed in all of Diana and Charles' siblings, plus Diana's gigantic gown.

Kidding around

The adult guests skedaddled out of this one, which just leaves Meghan, Harry and their many young attendants, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The kid-friendly atmosphere seems to have put more relaxed smiles on the bride and groom's faces.

Happily ever after

Aww... Just the newlyweds take center stage for this sweet snap, which features Meghan in profile and Harry putting his arm around the new Duchess of Sussex, who now has a page on the British monarchy's official website. 

Replay the wedding in seconds with our roundup of GIFs, or learn how you can watch the full version.