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See Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in first teaser trailer for Spencer

Royal life looks elegant and also impossible in this short preview of the upcoming film.

Kristen Stewart, of Twilight fame, as Princess Diana? That casting, for the upcoming film Spencer, has struck some as odd, but there's no doubt Stewart's been made up to look the part of the late royal. And now the first teaser trailer for the film is out, showing Stewart in the role. And she even speaks, ever so briefly. 

The short teaser shows much of the high-brow life at the palace, with wardrobes being wheeled and labeled, corgis trotting, fancy dishes being prepared. Then there's Stewart's Diana, holding her head in distress as a staffer calls, "Ma'am? They're waiting for you."

Spencer, directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín, focuses on Christmas 1991, with Diana and Prince Charles spending the holiday at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England, as their marriage comes to a disastrous head.

Stewart looks eerily like Diana in the posters and still photos released from the movie. She can't quite maintain that lookalike quality in the teaser, but it's still a pretty good attempt. She's only heard saying one short sentence in the movie, so it's hard to judge whether Los Angeles-born Stewart can capture Diana's whispery, distinctive voice. But fans can determine for themselves if the film does Diana proud when it comes to theaters on Nov. 5.