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See inside a toy factory in 360 degrees

Go behind the scenes at Green Toys, a company that manufactures toys from recycled milk bottles.

A recycled recycling truck. Check out the video below to explore the factory and see how this little guy is made.

Green Toys

Most people throw old milk bottles in the recycling bin, not really thinking where they might end up.

Green Toys turns these bottles into something practical. The company, based in California, manufactures toys made from 100 percent recycled plastic -- high-density polyethylene to be precise.

Sustainability continues through to the packaging, with toys shipped in recycled cardboard boxes printed with soy ink. To date, the company has recycled more than 40 million milk jugs.

In the video below, take a tour of the manufacturing plant and find out how these toys are made with Robert von Goeben, co-founder of Green Toys.

This video was filmed using the Nokia Ozo camera. For the best viewing experience, adjust the resolution setting to 4K and view the video in a Google Cardboard headset.