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See how the Lost Boys of 'Hook' look 25 years later

The Neverland crew from the 1991 Hollywood take on "Peter Pan" reunite, and they're not kids anymore.

The rumor is that Peter Pan and all the other "Lost Boys" of Neverland have yet to grow up, but apparently the same cannot be said for the actors who played them. That was evident at the "Hook" 25th anniversary reunion, where the now adult Lost Boys all got together for a photo shoot.

The reunion last month commemorates not only the 1991 release of Steven Spielberg's big budget reinterpretation of J.M. Barrie's classically immature characters. It also honors star Robin Williams, who died tragically two years ago, on August 11, 2014.

All eight of the original Lost Boys from the cast got done up in costumes and makeup reminiscent of their "Hook" characters, and the effect is both cute and a little creepy. But mostly it just makes anyone who remembers watching the movie as a kid feel old. By the time the sequel to the 1985 hit "Goonies" comes out, it'll certainly feel like time for me to retire.