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See how Steve Jobs saved Apple

Apple's visionary co-founder returned at a time when the company was on the brink of destruction. Here are the moves that kept Apple alive.

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It's common knowledge that Apple's iconic co-founder was kicked out the company in the 80s, before making a triumphant return in the 90s.

What's less well known, however, is how dire the situation at Apple was in the years prior to Jobs' return. Dallying with weird side projects and diluting the Mac lineup had left Apple on the brink of bankruptcy -- press play on the video above to see the moves that Jobs' made that would keep his company alive.

Today Apple is on top of the tech world, creating hugely popular products in the global spotlight. Apple's time in the sun isn't yet showing any signs of coming to an end, but even so, the company would be wise to heed the strategy that turned its fortunes around -- a focus on fewer, better products, with heavy emphasis placed on product design.

Is Apple making the right moves today? Or would you rather see Tim Cook and pals steering the good ship Apple in a different direction? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook wall, or let me know on Twitter. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe!

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