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See watermelon survive a 14-story fall thanks to spray-on coating

Let it ripen on the vine, coat with the same stuff that goes on truck beds and then abuse it. It's the most extreme fruit salad recipe you've ever seen.

For eons, watermelons have been relatively fragile fruits. Sure, they're more resilient than your average berry or peach, but when confronted with gravity and a hard surface, their tough rind typically crumbles. That is, until now. As the above video demonstrates, the wonders of materials science have finally produced an antidote for the beloved melon's eternal insecurity.

Think of it as the viral video opposite to that watermelon squeezed by rubber bands until it exploded.

Instead, the YouTubers at How Ridiculous -- a group of Australians that works with brands to create viral buzz -- coated a watermelon with Line-X, a spray-on protective coating originally used as a liner for pick-up truck beds. They then took the melon to the top of a 14-story tower and tossed it onto the asphalt below.

The result is a melon that bounces like no popular picnic fruit in history, but doesn't break. To really grasp how impressive this is, you have to watch the second part of the demonstration. The boys toss an uncoated watermelon from the same height and it appears to be nearly vaporized on impact.

When the coated melon is cut open (with a chop saw because an axe wouldn't do the trick), the pink flesh is mushed but the rind is remarkably intact. It's worth watching a few times, if for no other reason than to memorize the most exciting recipe yet for preparing a fruit salad.