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See Gears of War Xbox One remaster's improved cinematics in new video

Power of Xbox One allows for wrinkles on characters' skin and more to be replicated believably.

Following yesterday's big Gears of War: Ultimate Edition news, Microsoft has now published a new behind-the-scenes video that offers a look into how developer The Coalition is rebuilding the 2006 Xbox 360 game's cinematics for the new Xbox One remaster.


In the video, which you can watch below, The Coalition designers, including studio head Rod Fergusson, explain how the power of the Xbox One allows for greater authenticity overall. One part of this is simply that characters will look more believable.

You'll see the wrinkles on character's skin (see the embedded image of Marcus Fenix) and you'll see skin sliding over bone as it would in real life, among other improvements. This all should help sell the emotion of a particular scene, The Coalition said.

The developer also called out one cinematic in particular that has been improved due to the power of the Xbox One. We won't spoil it for you in case you haven't played the game, but it's toward the end.

This video is the first in a nine-part behind-the-scenes video series for Gears of War Ultimate Edition. The game launches for Xbox One on August 25, while a PC version will come later.

In other recent Gears of War Ultimate Edition news, Microsoft has announced a $350 Xbox One bundle that includes a free copy of the game. We have also learned why Microsoft is remastering only the first Gears of War game, not the others.