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See Apple's iPad announcement--in adjectives

A clip highlights the positive descriptors Steve Jobs and Co., used in unveiling Apple's "incredible," "beautiful," and "amazing," tablet last week.

The folks at noticed something rather interesting about Steve Jobs' latest address last week before a packed crowd to announce the iPad: he and the other presenters used a lot of positive adjectives to describe the "incredible," "beautiful," and "amazing" product.

To illustrate that, the team at edited together the descriptors presenters used during the press event. The video, which runs for about three minutes, "is the sum of the most important words" spoken at the event, a message reads before the clips start.

Although it might seem a little ridiculous when you first hear it (surely no one can use that many words of praise to describe a product, right?), the video's preparers claim that no scene in the video was repeated (it progresses in chronological order) and every word uttered in the clip was said at Apple's latest address, and was not taken from another event.

Check it out the fun video below.

(Via Mashable)