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See a wild Darth Vader portrait made from a common office supply

Artist James Haggerty makes Darth Vader, Greedo, and C3P0 like you've never seen them.

James Haggerty

James Haggerty's Midichlorian counts must be off the charts. The New York-based artist has re-created some truly amazing "Star Wars" characters, and he's done so using only colored staples on painted canvas. So far, Haggerty has produced Darth Vader, Greedo, and the affable droid C3P0, though his passion for the medium and his love of "Star Wars" likely mean we'll see more profiles over the next few years.

The amount of detail on these pieces is maddening. Darth Vader uses 10,496 colored staples and the latest C3P0 uses a mind-blowing 33,580. The resulting pieces are incredible, and the level of meticulousness needed to undertake such a task really speaks to Haggerty's talents as an artist. Perhaps after these have made the art gallery rounds, Haggerty will take them to Mos Eisley or the next Death Star.

James Haggerty

(Via Sploid)