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See a train driver dash through the cars to warn of an impending crash

A quick-thinking train driver knew he couldn't avoid a wreck, so he spent his time preparing the passengers for impact.

It looks like a scene from an action movie. A train driver runs through the cars at top speed, yelling for the passengers to get down and brace themselves for impact. But that's not Keanu Reeves in a teaser for "Speed 4." It's a real-life train driver who took the few seconds he had before his train crashed and used them to get the riders into safe positions.

BBC News posted the harrowing video of the events on Friday. The train was traveling at nearly 70 mph (110 km/h) when the driver noticed a truck sitting on the tracks ahead. It was too late to avoid impact, so he dashed full-tilt through the cars and instructed the passengers to get on the floor and protect themselves.

The footage shows the train approaching the truck. The back end of the vehicle extends across the tracks. The strike sends the truck careening and breaks windows along the train cars. BBC New reports there were no serious injuries, due in part to the driver's actions.