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See a ​surreal fashion show befitting an 'Aliens' reboot

Designer Iris Van Herpen takes inspiration from sound waves for her fall designs, which include dresses coated in silicone-coated handblown glass bubbles.

Fashion designers find inspiration in the most unusual muses -- whether they be superheroes or crowded subways. But when it comes to transforming unusual materials into breathtaking gowns or 3D-printing one-of-a-kind footwear, Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen is the queen.

The video "Defile Iris Van Herpen," posted by Le Temps Tuesday, shows Van Herpen's latest quirky fashion show for Paris Couture week. Watch it to see the kind of dresses that would fit perfectly in an "Aliens" movie reboot.

The video and various fashion websites show models wearing unusual dresses made from silicone-coated handblown glass bubbles and a "Japanese organza woven from polymer threads five times thinner than human hair," according to Vogue magazine. "The collection shows a variation of organic and three-dimensional structures, new materials and techniques and biomorphic volumes," Van Herpen told The New York Times.

The collection is an homage to cymatics, the visual representation of sound waves, and Japanese musician Kazuya Nagaya is right on the runway playing a Zen bowl accompaniment that gives the show an appropriately eerie soundtrack.