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See a squadron's worth of jets packed into a NASA hangar

The US Air Force hit NASA up for some extra parking space to keep its expensive fighter jets protected from bad weather.

NASA packed a peck of jets into a hangar.

David C. Bowman NASA, Langley

The now-faded Tropical Storm Hermine (at one point classified as a hurricane) raged through the Atlantic Ocean early in September and threatened the East Coast of the US with intense weather. Langley Air Force Base in Virginia needed a place to stash some of its fighter jets out of the storm, so it turned to NASA for an assist with some temporary storage in a hangar at the space agency's neighboring Langley Research Center.

It took some fancy plane-parking skills, but NASA was able to fit in more than a dozen of the Air Force's F-22 Raptor fighter jets. It made for a perfect photo op showing the planes huddled together along with a very big C-130 military transport plane.

The hangar would make even a large warehouse blush. It offers 85,200 square feet (7,915 square meters) of space and massive doors to let in hulking aircraft. NASA notes the facility is rated to handle at least a Category 2 hurricane, though Hermine topped out at a lesser Category 1.

The view comes from a fish-eye lens from the vantage point of a catwalk 70 feet (21 meters) above the floor. NASA shared the photo as part of its Image of the Day series on Monday.