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See a lot of Fallout 4 Nuka-World gameplay

Watch this extended gameplay video to virtually go inside Nuka-World's post-apocalyptic amusement park.

Fallout 4's final expansion, Nuka-World, launches next week, but you can see a lot of footage from it right now. Bethesda has republished yesterday's Twitch live stream on YouTube, in which staffers play the expansion for about an hour and share new information about how it came to be and more.

The video doesn't give much away in terms of story, so no need to be worried about that. Still, on display here is the expansion's setting (a post-apocalyptic amusement park) so if you were hoping to get the expansion not knowing anything about what to expect, it might be best to skip this video.

Bethesda's Mark Teare says in the video that work on Nuka-World did not begin until after Fallout 4 launched in November 2015. One piece of initial feedback was that people wanted more things to do with Raiders; Nuka-World aims to help with that by allowing you to lead a group of them.

Teare also mentions in the video that Nuka-World is a challenging piece of content, aimed at giving even veteran players a tough time. The Bethesda staffers in the video die multiple times in their runs. You can start playing Nuka-World at level 30, though it's recommended you be even higher.

Nuka-World is Fallout 4's sixth and final expansion; it's due out on August 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It adds new quests, weapons, and enemies. In the new video, Bethesda said it will announce more details about the content this week.

Fallout 4's other expansions included Automatron (March 2016), Wasteland Workshop (April 2016), Far Harbor (May 2016), Contraptions Workshop (June 2016), and Vault-Tec Workshop (July 2016). All of that, as well as Nuka-World, is included with the $50 Fallout 4 DLC Pass.

Alternatively, you can buy Nuka-World on its own for $20.

In other news about Fallout 4 downloadable content, an updated version of Vault-Tec Workshop is out now on all systems.