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Watch molten copper destroy a Christmas tree

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to say goodbye to your decorated Christmas tree in the geekiest way possible.

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to take the ornaments off the Christmas tree and put it on the curb for pickup.

Many of us, of course, will procrastinate until Valentine's Day to finally take out the tree, but this video might inspire us to get rid of it sooner.

The video, posted Sunday by YouTube user Tito4re, demonstrates what happens when one adds piping hot molten copper to a decorated Christmas tree.

The copper is heated to 1,984-degree Fahrenheit (1,085 degrees Celsius). As it slowly covers the branches, they go up in flames. Even the tiny presents below the tree melt. The ball ornaments somehow manage to survive.

Remember not to try this sort of thing at home. That why YouTubers like Tito4re exist -- to risk their lives to entertain us with molten-metal videos.

In other videos from Tito4re, molten metal meets burgers, Ping-Pong balls and a crystal ball.