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Watch a brave guy try to stand up in a violent 109-mph wind

Extremely high winds and humans don't mix well, but a bold weather observer steps into a tempest-level gust to battle the elements anyway.

The weather observers at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire are some brave souls. They're not afraid to step outside and experience brutal conditions in person.

Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham went for a refreshing stroll Monday morning and filmed the dramatic encounter with an absolutely blasting wind.

The observatory is nearly 6,300 feet (about 1,900 meters) above sea level. The wind outside gusted up to 109 mph (175 km/h) as snow covered the ground. It was fierce enough to allow one of the men to sit back against the airflow and have it hold up his backside. This is the sort of wind very few people would be willing to venture out in. You feel cold just watching the video.

The main building at the observatory is fortified against the buffeting winds with thick concrete walls and bullet-resistant glass. "Even with this protection, the constant, dull roar of the wind is ever-present in the Observatory's Weather Room," says Dorfman. There's a tower at the observatory and stepping into it makes the wind sound like a jet engine. Dorfman notes that playing in the wind for just a few minutes is exhausting. The video will make you grateful you're safely inside, warm and un-windblown.