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See 30 'Star Wars' impressions in five minutes

Three YouTube powerhouses put words in the mouth of Anakin, Luke, Obi-Wan, Jar Jar Binks, and others in a funny new video filmed in a galaxy really close by.

What do you get when the YouTube spoof-makers from Barley Political team up with one of the Impression Guys from YouTube's Soul Pancake channel? Thirty impressions from "Star Wars," of course.

In the new video, "Mark & Todd form a rebel alliance with Ross from The Impression Guys to make the Ultimate Star Wars Impression-a-thon!!!" says the Barley Political YouTube channel.

In it you'll hear how a young Luke gets unfriended on Spacebook, how The Force gets confused with "The Voice," and why the staff of the Galactic Empire started wearing shirts with high collars. The trio of fun-pokers even voice lightsabers, Ewoks, and Jawas -- no small task indeed. Have a look. And um, may "The Voice" be with you.