Security Update 2008-007 (#2): Cannot startup, WebCore app issues, slow Internet, more

Some significant issues after this security update for both Tiger and Leopard.


Cannot startup Several users have reported difficulty starting up after applying Security Update 2008-007. These issues include getting stuck at the Apple logo-gray screen and undesired boots into single-user mode.

MacFixIt reader Michael writes:

"When I updated the Security Update 2008-007, my iMac 24 inch dual-core, I see the Apple logo and the spinning wheel for about a minute, and then it shuts down and starts up again."

Another reader writes:

"Yesterday i update my MacBook with security update 2008 07 intel and my Mac doesn't restart properly. It display black screen and line code."

Yet another reader adds:

"Both mine MacBook Air and Imac, running 10.5.5, had a panic kernel after rebooting while doing this update. Didn't try with the Macmini, because it acts as my server and I don´t won't to take a chance."

The first recommended procedure, if you are experiencing this issue, is to simply boot in Safe Mode -- accomplished by holding down the Shift key while your Mac is starting up. After the safe boot, restart normally. A number of maintenance tasks are performed during the safe boot, and you might not need to perform any additional troubleshooting. You might receive a message indicating that the update has finished installing after performing the safe boot.

You can also try temporarily disconnecting any USB, FireWire other otherwise-connected external peripherals then re-attempt startup.

Other possible include resetting the PRAM (hold options-command-P-R keys at bootup until the computer chimes, then resets and chimes again) and SMC resets (Portables, Mac Pro), as well as shutting the computer completely off and unplugging it for a few minutes before starting it back up.

Failing the aforementioned, peruse our tutorial titled "Startup fails (particularly after a system or security update); solving." One of the solutions listed there -- including delete specific caches, rooting out problematic kernel extensions, repairing drive damage, and disconnecting external devices -- might prove successful.

If worse comes to worst, you may need to reinstall the system (even though reinstalling the system isn't that bad), via our tutorial.

Safari,, other WebKit apps crash Although Security Update 2008-007 does not make any explicit changes to WebKit, some users are experiencing issues with WebKit-based apps, including Safari, and others, after applying the update.

One reader writes:

"Yesterday I installed the latest Security Update on my PPC G4 17". Initially I had crashing problems with Safari only. This morning any app which relies on WebCore appears to be unstable. These include Mail & Safari.. Both Mail and Safari crash here: " 0x95c0dc84 WebCore::SVGPathSegListBuilder::svgCurveToCubicSmooth(double, double, double, double, bool) 580"

A potential workaround for this issue is to install the latest version of the nightly WebKit build, though doing so may obviate Apple-created security enhancements and possibly introduce other conflicts.

If you are experiencing similar issues, please let us know.

Cannot login Some users are experiencing an inability to login to any user accounts after Security Update 2008-007. One reader writes:

"I am having major problems after applying the security update onto my PowerBook G4 (1 GHz) running OS X 10.4.11. The installation took about 20 minutes, which was odd in itself. Upon restarting, again, it was slow... and when I got to the login screen, the passwords are not working for any of the users on the machine, and it hangs on shutting down/restarting. Everything is there on the hard drive, I am just in the process of trying to copy everything off and go the clean install route. A pain, but I hope it works."

Apple's Knowledge Base document TS1543, which suggests starting in single-user mode and deleting the AuthenticationAuthority file may prove helpful in this situation.

Wireless Internet slow Some users have reported slow wireless Internet access after applying Security Update 2008-007. One reader writes:

"My wireless internet connection has slowed to a crawl after installing the new Security Update."

The most promising fix for this issue involves adding DNS servers, such as those from OpenDNS, to Mac OS X's repertoire. Open System Preferences and click "Network." Select "Built In Ethernet" and click Advanced. Select the DNS tab and add:


to the DNS server list. If you currently have DNS entries, note them and keep them in a separate location but replace them with the aforementioned.

Some users have found that turning off all of equipment, waiting a few minutes, then turning it all back on results in elimination of the network lag.

Cell phone modem issues Some users have reported issues with tethered (cell phones as modems) after the update. One reader writes:

"I've done some checking and there is an issue with waking from sleep and reconnecting with CDMA modems on 10.4.11. If sleep is automatic or requested, with or without the modem session being disconnected, 10.4.11 will not reconnect. The response message states 'disconnected by remote site' but this is likely not the correct cause.

"When using a different user (or a new one) and carrying out the setup the issue is repeatable. Apple Support shows no search responses to address issues with modems, CDMA or GSM internet usage. Perhaps this is due to the 3rd party drivers that are required."

If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.

Cannot adjust volume A MacFixIt reader writes:

"After installing Security Update 2008-007, I can no longer adjust the system volume. Checking the System Preferences -> Sound, gives me 'No output devices found' in the Output tab."

Some users have reported that resetting the PRAM has worked to resolve this issue. To do this, shut down your Mac, then start it back up while immediately holding the following keys: Command, Option, P and R. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the third time.

Display distortion Some users report issues with display distortion after the update. One MacFixIt reader reports that corrupt NVRAM may be involved.

"I installed security update 2008 007 last night and turned my computer off afterwards. When I started it up this morning it worked for about 10 minutes before the display went crazy. I did a hardware test and it seems the vram has an error- not sure if its related to the update but it seems fishy."

PRAM resets, as indicated in the section above, also reset NVRAM, and may be effective for this issue.


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