Security Update 2006-004 (#3): Fixing startup issues; Fonts missing after update; Continuing Bluetooth problems; more

Security Update 2006-004 (#3): Fixing startup issues; Fonts missing after update; Continuing Bluetooth problems; more


Fixing startup issues Users continue to report significant startup issues after applying Security Update 2006-004. In many cases, the issue occurs because of an incomplete installation of the update. This re-emphasizes the importance of avoiding any other activity while the update is installing.

MacFixIt reader Joakim Nygard writes:

"I have a MacBook Pro 1.83 GHz on which the Software Update application failed installing the Security Update. I tried restarting, but the machine locked up after quitting all applications (leaving me at the blue desktop). After a force restart, the machine wouldn't boot at all. Verbose mode revealed messages like 'Launch of /sbin/launchd failed, errno 88'

"I managed to boot off of the Install CD and repaired the disk and permissions. No luck."

MacFixIt reader Peter adds:

"I am now in my second attempt to restore system software from my original installation DVD after attempting to apply the new security update.

"Upon my first attempt to install this security update via the Software Update mechanism my MacBook Pro 1.83 advised me that installation failed and that the update .pkg was in the trash but could be removed and re-applied from the Finder. My machine was in an unstable state and selecting Restart normally resulted in all applications quitting but then the restart would hang at that point where the desktop is still showing.

"Forcing power down via the power key and then restarting results in a boot that hangs at the grey screen with the apple showing and the progress wheel spinning. Repeated attempts result in the same thing, including after resetting NVRAM and power manager. More troubling is not being able to reach a prompt in single user or verbose modes, although some boot progress is reported before the machine hangs."

Re-applying update from an external hard drive If you are experiencing the above issue (stalled or otherwise incomplete startup after a failed Security Update installation), you can try applying the update from an external hard drive while booted from the Mac OS X Installation disc. This requires another Mac and an external hard drive. Steps are as follows:

  1. Download the appropriate version of Security Update 2006-004 to another Mac.
  2. Using that Mac, transfer the Security Update package to an external hard drive.
  3. Connect the external hard drive to the problematic Mac.
  4. Boot the problematic Mac using a Mac OS X Installation disc.
  5. From the menubar, open the Terminal (under Utilities)
  6. Use the open command to mount the Software Update disk image from the external disk (i.e. open /Volumes/(path to Security Update disk image)
  7. The disk image will now be mounted. Use the open command again to launch the installer. (i.e. open /Volumes/(path to Security Update installer).
  8. The installer should now properly run. Try rebooting your Mac and check for persistence of the issue.

Alternatively, you can apply the same process by using another Mac to boot the problematic Mac in FireWire target disk mode, then re-install the update to the target disk drive.

Fonts missing after update Some users are reporting the loss of critical fonts after applying Security Update 2006-004 -- an occurrence that can prevent some applications from properly launching.

MacFixIt reader Jeffrey Simms writes:

"I installed the update yesterday, and now I can no longer open iWeb. It keeps giving an 'application quit unexpectedly after it was reopened.' I restarted in safe mode and found that I have 8 missing fonts now.

"They are: Copperplate, HelveticaNeue, ArialMT, Arial-Bold MT, Georgia, Copperplate Bold, HelveticaNeue Bold, Georgia Bold.

"I was wondering if you had any other reports of this happening, and also a potential fix. I tried to add the fonts using Font Book Utility, but that doesn't seem to work because I can no longer find the fonts when looking in the font folder. If I did find any of the mentioned, they had serious errors and wouldn't be validated."

Another reader adds:

"After downloading update and restarting, I found that all fonts in Photoshop 7.0 except the last one I used had disappeared."

In some cases, these issues can be resolved by running the font cache clearing routines offered by various Mac OS X maintenance products, including Cocktail and Font Finagler.

Similar issue? Please let us know.

Continuing Bluetooth problems Some users continue to experience Bluetooth issues after the update.

MacFixIt reader Leon Cuzzilla writes:

"After the security update, my Bluetooth won't work .. crashes, when trying to add any device other than the mouse."

Some users have success resetting the PMU (power management unit) to restore Bluetooth capabilities

PMU reset instructions for various portable models are found in Knowledge base article #14449. For most models it requires removing the unit's power cord and battery then holding the power button for at least 5 seconds, then replacing the battery and powering up the system.

Many desktop Macs' PMUs can be reset by disconnecting power for several minutes. Instructions for the Mac Mini and Power Mac G5 are also available.

In other cases, this issue can be resolved by resetting your Mac's PRAM (parameter RAM) via the following process:

  • Shut down your Mac
  • Turn your Mac back on, while holding down the Command, Option, P and R keys simultaneously.
  • Allow the startup chime to repeat twice, or listen for your Mac to perform a restart process twice, then release the keys.

After resetting your PRAM, Software Update may indicate that you once again should apply the Bluetooth firmware updater, which you should abstain from doing if you were having problems after the first application.

Miscellaneous issues can be fixed by re-installing combo updater Various issues apparent after applying Security Update 2006-004 can be resolved by re-applying the most recent Mac OS X combination updater.

Shared iTunes library issues Some users are reporting issues with shared iTunes music libraries after the update -- an issue we are beginning to investigate.

MacFixIt reader Mike writes:

"I just noticed that after applying the security update, I am no longer able to access my iTunes library from over the network. I had copied an alias of the iTunes Library file from my Mac G4 MDD (which has a 120 GB mirror to store my music/media) to my Mac Mini that is hooked up to my stereo and TV. It's been working great until today. I install the latest OS update and now whenever I try to access iTunes from the Mac Mini, I get the following error message: 'The iTunes Music Library file is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have write permission for this file.'

"iTunes on my Mac G4 MDD still works fine- I just can't access my music from over the network now. I even tried changing the permissions on the file so that the Owner, Group and Other all had read/write access. I even unlocked the permissions setting for the owner."


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