Security Update 2005-001 (#3): Software Update problems; slow app launching; Safari site problems; PHP issues; more

Security Update 2005-001 (#3): Software Update problems; slow app launching; Safari site problems; PHP issues; more


Cannot install via Software Update Yesterday we noted reports that some users are unable to install Security Update 2005-001 via Software Update, instead receiving the error Some of the checked updates could not be installed. Make sure you have permission to write to /tmp/501/TemporaryItems/, then try again. (This error may also appear as The update could not be verified and expanded correctly. Make sure you have permission to write to /tmp/501/temporaryitems/, then try again or The update "Security update 2005 001" could not be verified and expanded correctly. Make sure you have permission to write to /tmp/501/TemporaryItems/, then try again.

Since our initial story, we've received a significant number of confirmations of this issue. Yesterday we suggested downloading the Update directly from Apple's download page and then installing it manually. This workaround has been successful for some readers, but not all.

Alternatively, some users have found success in running Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions function. Michelle Steiner writes:

"I, too, had that message... So I repaired permissions, and tried again -- it worked just fine, without any problems. There were a lot of permissions repaired, by the way, mostly regarding the newly-installed iLife and iWork applications."

Unfortunately, even this procedure hasn't worked for some readers. Peggy Guelle writes, "I permissions and restarted, and got the above message again." Reader David Cook resorted to deleting the folder in question, recreating it, and setting its permissions correctly, but even then he still received the same error message.

We're continuing to investigate this issue. launching slowly Yesterday we noted several reports from readers who have found the Mail application very slow to launch since installing the Security Update. This issue appears to be affecting a decent number of MacFixIt readers based on reader feedback. Reader Thomas Stubbs writes:

"I too am experiencing the Mail slow to open problem. After a repair permissions it returns to normal but will eventually revert back to slow to open."

Reader "Brad" notes that in addition to being slow to launch, Mail is also slow to quit: "[It] appears to hang when trying to quit. Force quit does not end the process either. 30 seconds to 3 minutes for both launching & quitting."

Other apps launching slowly, or not at all In addition to problems launching Mail, several MacFixIt readers have reported problems launching a number of other applications. Ron Ronaldo writes:

"Since I downloaded the Security Update I am having serious problems on my Mac OS 10.3.7 (G4, 466 MHZ): Programmes such as Mail or Safari cannot be launched any more, it is even not possible to use the installer any more to install any programmes! I was advised by one of the people in the forums to do Repair Permission. So I launched my Mac using the original OS X Panther Installer Disc , selected the First Aid disc utility that's on there and run first Repair Disk and then Repair Permission. But even now after the utility did its job successfully nothing has changed, and this is highly frustrating given the fact that I urgently need the Mac."

(We've also received reports of problems launching iPhoto and iChat.)

Safari no longer working with some sites A few readers report that since the update, Safari no longer works with certain sites that had no problems before the update. Noah Rosenstein writes:

"I never had a problem with Safari as I logged into my Cingular Wireless or Marriott Reward sites but since upgrading my two computers to Security update 2005.001, I am. The login fails each time I try and changing my User Agent in the Debug menu did not help."

PHP problems Reader Steve Meyer reports problems with PHP since updating:

"After Security Update 2005-001, PHP no longer works properly. Variables do not seem to be passed by either the post or get methods from web forms."

Note that PHP was indeed updated in Security Update 2005-001, as noted in the update's release notes.

Other application problems Yesterday we noted reader reports of issues with other applications since installing the update. (We also noted that it would be somewhat surprising if these issues were actually related to the update, given the nature of the components in Mac OS X that were actually updated.) Below are follow-ups.

    Photoshop Elements 3 Yesterday we published a report from a reader that since installing the update, he could no longer launch Photoshop Elements 3. We since received a number of follow-ups from other readers who noted that Elements still worked perfectly for them. Interestingly enough, the one confirmation of this problem we received was later followed up with a correction -- the reader found that the actual cause was was that Photoshop Elements 3 must be installed on the startup disk. If it's installed on a non-boot drive, Elements will not launch. So all signs point to this issue being simply a coincidence.

    MIDI issues We previously noted a problem using MIDI with Logic since installing the update. We've since received a couple reports of issues with any application using MIDI. Reader Ciro Scotto writes about his problem and solution:

    "I had similar problems with MIDI that are more general than being limited to Logic. I have two machines, a G4 MDD Dual 867MHz and one of the single processor 1.8GHz G5s. I did the security update on both. The G4 did not have a problem, MIDI works fine. The G5, however, had problems: launching any application that needs to access core MIDI (Logic, DP, Garageband, Reason) would bring up an alert with 'Timeout or Timining occupied by another application (Code 0)' message. I could not even open the Audio/MIDI app without it quitting. I called Apple to ask if it was the security update. They recommended archive and reinstall Panther. On the Apple GarageBand forum similar problems were noted. One user found a solution by reinstalling the drivers for his M-audio solo. I have an M-audio firewire 410 hooked up to the G5 as well as a Gina 3G and Motu 828. Before doing the complete reinstall, I tried reinstalling the drivers for the FireWire 410. Everything came back and works fine now."

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