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Security Update 2004-06-07: iDisk issues and solution

Security Update 2004-06-07: iDisk issues and solution

Earlier this week, MacFixIt reader Luke Latham reported that after installing Security Update 2004-06-07, he was unable to synchronize his local iDisk copy with his iDisk:

"After installing the Security Update 2004-06-07 (10.3.4)...my iDisk fails to sync on my dual-2GHz G5 under 10.3.4. The iDisk is working fine, as I am able to upload files with my iBook. I've repaired permissions & used MacJanitor. I have exhausted all the steps that Apple recommends at the [.Mac] Support site for a dysfunctional iDisk (e.g., new name/PW in the .Mac Pref Pane, Keychain troubleshooting, un/re-registering my G5 via iSync). I also tried re-installing the 10.3.4 Combo updater, but that didn't help."

On Wednesday, Luke followed up with a solution to the problem that finally worked:

"I was finally successful at getting my iDisk to work again. Here is what I did:

  1. Opened iSync application and de-registered my G5.
  2. Opened the .Mac Pref Pane and turned off the local copy of iDisk option in the iDisk options.
  3. Re-started the G5.
  4. Opened the .Mac Pref Pane and reactivated the local copy of iDisk.
"After waiting an hour for the system to create a new local copy of my iDisk on my G5 from the server, I'm back in business. The ability to upload has been restored, and the iDisk seems to function perfectly now."

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