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Security Update 2004-05-03 (#4): Kernel Panics

Security Update 2004-05-03 (#4): Kernel Panics

Kernel Panics We continue to receive scattered, non-specific reports of kernel panics after applying the 2004-05-03 security update. Occurrences seem random so far, with no concrete triggering actions - aside from launching certain applications.

MacFixIt reader Randy Smith writes "Since the 2004-05-03 Security Update I have noticed more kernel panics than I have ever had. Strangely they seem to happen after start up. I always connect to my wireless network and then launch and Safari at the same time. This does not always result in a kernel panic but it is the most likely time I will have one.

"It does not seem to matter if I launch these apps right after starting up or if I start them 30 minutes after starting up but without touching the computer before then. Restarting later in the day or launching these apps at the same time later in the day never results in a kernel panic. I can find no other common points other than first start up and and safari coupled with the first morning start up and even then it is not consistent."

Your best bet in this situation is to start with a disk permissions repair using Apple's Disk Utility (located in Applications/Utilities). And, as stated yesterday, try finding problematic applications' .plist files (located in ~/Library/Preferences) then deleting them. For instance, "" for Apple's

More success with repairing permissions for mail problems We previously reported that repairing disk permissions also helps with some of the SMTP mail issues that have cropped up with the latest security update.

We've since received confirmation for the fix from a number of readers, including Terry Easton, who writes "A while back, of my dual-USB iBook (10.2) developed problems recognizing SMTP servers and accepting passwords. After considerable investigation, I repaired permissions and the problems went away. Similar problems have recurred and the same fix dispatched them."

Sherlock broken We are seeking confirmation for an issue - not experienced in-house - where Apple's Sherlock application does not properly display channels after Security Update 2004-05-03. David Oshel writes "Sherlock is broken and I just installed that security update a few days ago. (Broken: No channels appear.)"


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