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Security Update 2004-05-03 (#3): Clearing cache files for application opening problems

Security Update 2004-05-03 (#3): Clearing cache files for application opening problems

Clearing cache files for application opening problems Several readers have reported problems opening specific (or all) applications after using the installing Security Update 2004-05-03.

For at least a few users, deleting cache files with a utility like Cocktail or Panther Cache Cleaner restores functionality.

Richard Pitcairn writes "My main issues after the security update were that I could not completely open Apple programs. I could open TextEdit all right, but not or Safari or iCal. To be more accurate, I could open them in the sense they would appear in the dock but their windows would not appear and if I toggled to them with command-tab then there would be no window open and a spinning rainbow ball.

"The only way out was to force quit. When I did so, the message in the force quit window was that the program was not responding. [...]

"I could see that the trouble was not universal ? some programs would run all right, third party ones so I thought to try working with Panther Cache Cleaner (formerly Jaguar Cache Cleaner) and did these things:

  1. Ran daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripts. Results: no fix.
  2. Ran light cleaning of all caches. Results: no fix.
  3. Ran deep cleaning of all caches. Everything now fixed.

"I have been using my PowerBook all day today and all is working fine."

Repairing permissions, deleting .plist files also helpful Two other solutions that users have found to resolve application launching issues after the latest security update are using Apple's Disk Utility (located in Applications/Utilities) to repair permissions, and/or finding specific applications' .plist files (located in ~/Library/Preferences) then deleting them. For instance, "" for Apple's

MacFixIt reader Cesar writes "After running the Update on my G5, iPhoto would not launch and it's icon changed, I first tried re-installing iPhoto v 4.01, but after installing everything looked normal till I tried to open iPhoto then the same problem arose. Finally I ran repair permissions and it had so many files to repair I could not keep up while it was doing it, well when it was done I restarted my Mac and iPhoto ran fine."

Julie Turbide exemplifies the .plist deletion fix:

"Appleworks would crash every time we tried to open it. Clearing out the plist in preferences fixed this."

Mail issues, fixes We previously noted problems SMTP mail accounts in a variety of e-mail clients including Apple's own and MIcrosoft's Entourage after applying Security Update 2004-05-03.

When the problem manifests, users either receive an error message or an indication that their account is offline.

For some users, simply deleting all SMTP accounts then re-establishing them works to correct the issue. MacFixIt reader Luc is a typical case:

"I had the SMTP connection problem after applying the latest security patch Monday. I couldn't connect to SMTP servers from both and Entourage. (Only a couple of messages did get through, don't know why or how.) Yet on a Windows PC on the same LAN I was able to connect to those servers (and send mail to them). I did not have any other IP problem that I could detect. So it was not a network problem or a problem with the servers.

"The problem went away (for both Entourage and after the following 2 actions in sequence:

  1. I applied this script /Library/Scripts/Mail/Scripts/Manage/SMTP/Servers.scpt
  2. In, I deleted all my SMTP profiles, and recreated them. (I believe action 1 didn't [immediately] solve the problem, but I don't recall for sure.)

Second display going blank We are seeking confirmation for a strange problem where the second of two simultaneously connected displays ceases to function after applying the latest security update. Judy Epstein writes "I have 2 monitors. I installed the security update. Shut down the computer. Today I turned it on, and it worked ok. Then I left the room, and monitors went to sleep. I came back, moved the mouse, and the 2nd monitor works ok, but the first is completely dark."


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