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Security Update 2004-05-03 (#2): Mail issues; AirPort dropping connections; more

Security Update 2004-05-03 (#2): Mail issues; AirPort dropping connections; more

Since yesterday's report detailing scattered issues with Apple's 2004-05-03 Security Update we've received a significant number of confirming responses., Entourage issues One of the most widely reported problems with the latest security update concerns SMTP mail accounts in a variety of e-mail clients including Apple's own and MIcrosoft's Entourage.

Specifically, a number of Entourage users are received the following message when attempting to send messages in Entourage:

"Mail could not be sent using the account "AccountName." A connection failure has occurred. Error: -3260"

MacFixIt reader Mike Smutko writes "Entourage has worked fine for months until I applied the last Security Update. It seems that something has changed in the way that my computer now talks to my STMP server. I can receive email OK, but I cannot send anything with Entourage (haven't tried Mail). My company's First Class mail client seems to work correctly, however (which is how I'm sending this email)."

Some readers report that deleting the Entourage database, then re-establishing a connection allowed normal sending and receiving of e-mail. Shawn Wright notes:

"After I read the latest on the security update problems people have been having I had one that seems similar. My Entourage database corrupted and I lost everything. Entourage would only work after removing the database from the Microsoft User Data folder. Don't know if it is related but it happened the same day I updated with the security update."

With, MacFixIt reader Larry D. writes "After installing the update I also had a problem with my Mail program . It refused to accept my password .In addition several e-mails were slow in arriving from my Mac account e-mail client and some not at all. Now I must check both to be sure I do not miss any messages."

Some users report that using a public SMTP IP address instead of a private number allows sending and reception of e-mail in Entourage and other apps.

Kernel panics A handful of readers are reporting kernel panics after applying the latest security update.

Joe Barret writes "I have had my first Kernel panic for a long long time following installing the latest security update. The panic also resulted in the fans blowing at full blast (dual 2G G5). This occurred overnight when the machine was asleep but set to wake up and then do a retrospect backup."

AirPort issues For a number of readers, Security Update 2004-05-03 broke AirPort connectivity.

MacFIxIt reader Richard writes: "I am using my wife's computer since applying the update today to my G4 TiBook I can no longer access the internet. Airport is connected but my programs are not. Also cannot access the Network preference pane or my account. Hangs every time. Have repaired permissions 4-5 times, run diagnostics, disk utility several times, removed all third party software, and DiskWarrior. All to no avail.."

For some readers, simply opening Internet Connect and accessing the AirPort pane resolves the connection.

Mark Block writes "Since running the latest update, my Airport base station goes "dead" temporarily during large downloads, interrupting service for all four computers in the house. Looking at the Apple Airport discussion forums, I see that this happens with both Airport Extremes and old Graphite base stations. No one seems to have a cure; many people have incorrectly assumed that the fault was with their computers or Airport cards rather than the base station.

"Opening Internet Connect or clicking on the menu bar Airport icon brings the Airport back online immediately, but sometimes I have to do this three or four times during the course of a large download."


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