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Security firm: Zero-day Adobe exploit in the wild

Trend Micro says that its spotted a zero-day Reader and Acrobat exploit on the Web, identifying the malware by name.

Security firm Trend Micro has found malicious files in the wild related to a zero-day exploit in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

The file that Trend Micro spotted on the Web called TROJ_PIDIEF.WM includes two "downloaders" called TROJ_DLOADR.WM and TROJ_CHIFRAX.BU. According to Adobe Systems, which first mentioned the exploit Wednesday, the malicious files would allow an attacker to "take control of the affected system." The company said that it could also "cause a crash."

Trend Micro said that the site where it found the exploit was registered in Hong Kong, while the servers that host the page are in Germany and the United States. It said that "some effort was placed into hiding the actual persons responsible for this attack."

The exploit affects Adobe's Acrobat and Reader running on both Windows and Mac OS X. Adobe didn't provide a time frame for when it will release a patch to fix the issue.