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Security camera captures decidedly low-tech Target 'hack'

Why bother with writing malware when you can ride a skateboard? That seems to have been the thinking of a Target shoplifter in Florida.

The suspect and his skateboard. Paprinvision/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

People are finding ever more inventive ways of taking things that aren't theirs.

Just look at how tech companies purloin your personal details and make hay and cash with them.

Yet even at the most micro level, thieves clearly spend cogitative hours wondering how they might scoot with loot.

Surveillance footage from a Target store in Clearwater, Fla., appears to show one such imaginative man.

It depicts the hoodied male walking into the store holding a skateboard. His shopping for a 32-inch Element LCD TV doesn't appear to include an intention to pay.

As the Smoking Gun reports, police say this all happened just before closing time, 11 p.m.

Having tucked his swag under his arm, he allegedly tried to go for one exit, then another.

When a store employee tried to stop him, he allegedly flashed a knife. Then he rolled away. His skating speed was clearly too much for the Target staff.

Police describe his getaway vehicle as having a brown body and orange-yellow wheels. The Tampa Bay Times quoted a police release as saying: "He last was seen zipping eastbound on the major thoroughfare."

One gets the sense that the police (almost) admired the alleged thief's ingenuity. Detective John Brown told the Tampa Bay Times: "He gets an A for creativity. But he committed a serious crime, and we need to find him."

One wonders whether Target and other big box stores will try and prevent such brazen skating away with their goods in the future.

Perhaps there ought to be Segways on standby, so that any skateboarding thief might have a suitable technological challenger.