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Secure Computing adds reputation-based scoring to products

TrustedSource credit ratings integrated with Webwasher 6.5 and Sidewinder 7.0.

Secure Computing was set to announce updates to its firewall and Web gateway security products on Monday. The Webwasher 6.5 gateway security application and the Sidewinder 7.0 firewall are both integrated with TrustedSource, the company's "credit score" system. TrustedSource rates the validity of e-mails, IPs, URLs and domains against a series of metrics based on real-time feedback. The products allow companies to prevent spam and phishing issues that can take up bandwidth and subsequently increase server processing.

Sidewinder 7.0 is the first "reputation-based firewall," according to Jay Chaudhry, Secure Computing's vice chairman and chief strategy officer. In addition to TrustedSource, Sidewinder offers security and control of voice over IP (VoIP) channels at the application level, something Chaudhry believes will be important to businesses as VoIP grows. Sidewinder 7.0 is planned to launch in March with appliance prices ranging from $1,500 to $76,000, depending on performance and requirements, according to Secure Computing. With prices starting at $3,000, Webwasher 6.5 is to be immediately available and offered as software or via appliances.