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Second successful rocket booster test for NASA's Mars roadmap (Tomorrow Daily 385)

Before we know it, we'll be sending a crew of humans into deep space, but before it does, NASA needs a few more successful tests like the one that happened today.

NASA/Orbital ATK

A major congratulations to NASA, as the space agency successfully completed a second test on a rocket booster created for the SLS program. This is part of NASA's roadmap to Mars, so it's exciting to see progress being made toward sending a crew into deep space.

We're also taking a look at Zero Latency's newest partnership. One of our own reporters checked out a test run of Zero Latency's demo last year (and it looks/sounds amazing); now, the company is teaming up with Sega to bring its tether-free VR experience to Japan.

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NASA's successful rocket booster test gets us one step closer to Mars (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 385)

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