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Seating-chart politics made easy

Solution Watch has pointed out a useful new interactive technology for a decidedly analog task: seating charts.

This might seem like something that can be accomplished easily enough with pencil and paper, but think of the possibilities. Rather than messy erasers, uses a neat drag-and-drop system that can be used for weddings, parties, classrooms and countless other venues in need of seating arrangement. But one of the most practical applications, in our opinion, is one that hasn't been mentioned--the workplace.

Anyone who has managed more than a few people at a time knows that seating charts can be the bane of a supervisor's existence, especially in a company with constant turnover. Who gets window seats, who sits near the boss and who must share space with the office jerk are all political bombshells, ranking right up with parking spots.

Now if only SimpleSeating can figure out a way to give drag-and-drop raises.