Season to taste with one hand

The Bodum Bistro Turnable Salt and Pepper Grinder allows for one-handed operation. Featuring a distinctive design, the gadget is capable of grinding both salt and pepper.

Tilt to season food with salt or pepper.
Tilt to season food with salt or pepper. Bodum

Cooking requires some degree of agility. The balancing act that is the process of making dinner is one that requires practice, skill, and, often, a free hand. After the groceries have toppled from our arms and onto the countertop, after the prep work has all been done, after the pots and pans have been properly heated, then the cooking starts--and we find that hands that were just so busy, are still so busy. So we stir, saute, flip, and fold and find ourselves looking forward to when it's time to eat, not only because we're hungry, but because it gives us a chance to relax.

If the sound of one hand cooking isn't something you hear anymore, then perhaps it's time to expand its repertoire. The Bodum Bistro Turnable Salt and Pepper Grinder is a battery-operated kitchen gadget designed for use with one hand. Triggered by an encapsulated ball bearing, when tilted in the desired direction, it grinds either salt or pepper automatically. The grind is adjustable from coarse to fine, making it suitable either for cooking or for use at the table. And in the flurry of actually cooking the meal, the distinctive Bodum design ensures that this particular gadget won't get lost in the chaos of the kitchen.

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