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Season 4 bloopers: Singing, dancing, and a fire hose

It's our end-of-season bloopers show, our favorite and yours! Check out the flubs, the little dances, the brand-new drinking games, and our jumping skills.

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I'd just like to start by pointing out that getting hosed down by a fireman in Vail, Colo., after a mud run is actually not as fun as it sounds, or as fun as we made it look. For one thing, the water is freezing. And for another, watch that jerk fireman spray me right in the face at 2:33. I am still mad about that!

Just after being rudely sprayed in the face by that nice fireman. Hmph.
Just after being rudely sprayed in the face by that nice fireman. Hmph. CNET

OK, moving on. This season was filled with fun and flubs all over America, and even though our jet-setting lives look like nothing but fun in the sun, we found out that the sun itself can be, well, no fun at all when it's blazing right into your poor defenseless eyeballs at the height of summer in the desert. We found out that when there's no need for me to say anything, I tend to say "yeah" like a dude. And we found out that while Jeff and I may love and adore the ancient art of dance, it's probably not our No. 1 skill.

Oh, and Jeff really, really, really loves the NASA Mars rover. Enjoy, and see you back here August 6 for a special episode counting down Always On's five most durable gadgets -- and the Season 5 premiere on August 13, just in time for back to school.