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Sears gets funny in ad with Mike Myers and brother (who works at Sears)

The troubled place where you still might buy your new washing machine offers the double act of a famous comic actor and his brother, who's worked at Sears for 32 years.

Putting a smile on a troubled brand is Mike Myers. Sears Canada/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Sears, like many a washing machine and fridge, has seen better days.

As the New York Times offered last week, the company is "dying a slow, sad death."

If that's true, Sears has decided to giggle its way out of the firmament. For the its Canadian arm recently released an ad featuring one of its employees and his brother.

The employee is Peter Myers. His brother is Mike, aka Austin Powers. Within seconds of the ad beginning, Mike wonders: "Is Sears Canada going away?"

You don't often see gallows humor in an ad.

Peter, who's worked at Sears for 32 years, tries to reassure Mike that the company is doing just fine. At least in Canada.

Mike gets to utter lines such as: "Sears Canada has to demographically and psychographically alter the trajectory of its business model."

What you're left with is Mike singing badly and a brand that's doing its very best to dance on a knife edge as we we hurtle toward the holiday shopping season.

This ad might not make Canadians believe they'll get that elusive, charming customer service at Sears.

But it'll surely make them feel a little more positively toward a store that hasn't enjoyed much of a cheery image in the last few years.