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Searching for Spock on the Web


When I Googled "Star Trek," the search engine returned 61,900,000 related sites. This many choices can be pretty frustrating to a fan, especially one who just wants to know more details on the type of government the Borg employs, or when the next "Star Trek" video game is going to be released (soon, I promise). So here, on the occasion of the show's 40th anniversary, are my top 10 essential sites for any Trekkie (this may not be the end-all list, and remember that these are my favorites). Read up: Resistance is futile!

1. Trekmania:
This Web page is dark, sleek and loaded with details. If you've ever wanted to know more about the Klingon empire, this would be the place to find it. Great Treknology encyclopedia, and an agreeable list of the top 50 "Star Trek" episodes of all time.

2. Memory Alpha wiki:
Want to know about the next installment of the "Star Trek" films? This site is for you. Here, readers can find resources roped into a number of ST-related wikis. This is also a good starter site for ensigns joining the "Star Trek" fan academy.

3. Star Trek on the BBC:
This is the site for any "Star Trek" fan, whether a Kirk or Picard, movie or series fan. Detailed bios, articles, and interviews can be found. Plus, there's a discussion of whether "Charlie X" in the original series was the worst episode ever.

4. TrekToday:
This site is plain, simple and reads much like a blog. If you want instant stats on what's happening this week in the "Star Trek" realm, this is the site to visit. There are also episode synopses for all of the series.

5. Official Star Trek site:
The site has credibility, which is especially great when the rumor mill starts running. With news, video clips, and my personal favorite, the Trekkie word of the day, this is the official authority on "Star Trek" happenings.

6. Star Trek: The Next Generation:
Of the five "Star Trek" franchises, The Next Generation will always have a special place in my heart. Sometimes, I even have the hankering to hear Captain Picard say, "Welcome to the 24th century." For this reason, as well as a pretty rad time line (dating back to the BC era) and more, I am glad to include this little TNG site on my list.

For those without a DVR, it's hard to catch the original series on TV sometimes. On Trekkie guy's Web site, there are a bunch of great images, as well as WAV files with from episodal dialogue, classic sound effects and even blooper reels. He also has a memory wall and book reviews.

8. Simon & Schuster Star Trek site:
Speaking of books, let's not forget the successful literature based on Gene Roddenberry's genius. If you are ever craving more depth, and aren't finding it in reruns, visit the Simon & Schuster site. With hundreds of titles (even one involving a partnership with Marvel's X-Men), you will surely learn something.

9. The Science of Star Trek:
Many sites have "Science of Star Trek" sections, but not many are written by a Ph.D. from NASA. Brace yourself, as David Allen Batchelor has some negative things to say about the science used in "Star Trek." Nevertheless interesting, despite the date his paper was written (1993).

10. Star Trek Online Weblog:
Into MMOGs? The Star Trek Online Weblog is a place where Trekkie gamers can find out more about "Star Trek" in the online game universe. There's news, development logs and screenshots of the game, which hopes to build an international Starfleet. Unfortunately, the game beta doesn't come out until summer 2007, so be patient and watch it develop through this site.

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