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Search start-up edging close to prime time?

Edgios is said to be near a major announcement, according to one of its chief financial backers. Time to come out of private testing for an official launch? Maybe.

Edgios, a little-known search start-up, may be about to come out of its self-imposed shell.

The company, which has offices in the United States and Serbia, has received extensive advance coverage--especially on Serbian developer discussion boards prior to its official launch.

Edgios: Dropping a big hint? Edgios

Edgios has been alpha testing its software since the fall. However, Steve Jurvetson, a managing director at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, one of the company's major venture backers, today dropped a broad hint that the coming-out party may be near.

In a presentation he delivered on the history of technology innovation at the Global Technology Symposium on Thursday, Jurvetson said there would be a big announcement from Edgios "in the next week or two." He spiced up that tease by saying that Edgios believes it can "reinvent search." When I caught up with him later on, Jurvetson declined to amplify on his comments.

From the little that is known--or at least speculated upon--Edgios is thought to be a search engine based upon a peer-to-peer technology. That may be a plausible assumption. Jurvetson said Edgios would not need a massive data center or infrastructure build-out. What's more, Edgios' founder, Borislav Agapiev, has previously written about the advantages of P2P and a distributed approach to search, which likely will feature a cloud component.

But Agapiev, too, hasn't disclosed much to clarify the guesswork. For what it's worth, here's the company tease:

"Edgios is bringing you the future of search. This doesn't just involve a bigger index. And it's not just a way for us to deliver you the same old results more cheaply. We're re-inventing web search, opening up the entire process, fundamentally democratizing the discovery of information. Do any of the big search engines let you control what goes into the search index? Do they rank search results according to what real people want? No, they don't. But Edgios does."

Such it is with marketing statements, that could describe anything and everything under the sun.