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Search no more for hot dogs with this countertop steamer

The Hot Dog Steamer CuiZen ST-1412 by EZGuardZ is a fun countertop gadget that wears its stripes proudly.

Every kitchen should have a hot dog drawer.
Every kitchen should have a hot dog drawer. Amazon

The kitchen cupboard is a portal that can lead to many great discoveries. However, the kitchen doesn't always have to be about exploration. Sometimes, it is a simple, everyday favorite that calls out to our stomachs. A go-to meal is after all, a meal to go to without hesitation. But for that, of course, you need a drawer full of hot dogs.

The methods employed to make a batch of hot dogs at home can range from the deceptively simple to the downright outrageous. However, even if you want it plain or if you prefer it to be a complicated tower of condiments (mustard, onions, jalapeño, bacon, sauerkraut), what really matters is if it is there and ready when you need it. Indeed, hot dogs on demand could be a considered essential kitchen necessity. (Well, maybe for some.) In any event, the Hot Dog Steamer CuiZen ST-1412 by EZGuardZ ($99.99) is here to help make that dream become a reality.

Regardless of its complicated name, the hot dog gadget is as straightforward as it gets: add water, put the dogs in the lower compartment and add buns to the top when necessary. That's all it takes to have a drawer full of hot dogs in waiting. Sure, you could use the appliance to steam food other than hot dogs, but this isn't about versatility here; this is about hot dogs. Then again, it does ship with a "Hot Dogs of the World" recipe book, so maybe that kitchen cupboard will hold a few surprises after all.