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Search: Google rules, Europeans do it more

ComScore's latest market share numbers for global Internet search reveal that Google still rules the roost, although Microsoft's Bing made pronounced gains compared with last year.

Internet search continues to skyrocket around the world with Google's dominance unchecked.

ComScore came out with worldwide search market share numbers Monday, which revealed that Internet searches increased by 41 percent to 113 billion in just the month of July. Slightly more than two-thirds of all those searches were done with Google, which also saw the number of searches done with through engine increase 58 percent compared with last year.

Yahoo is a distant second with 8.9 billion searches in July, while China's Baidu ranked third with 8 billion searches. Both of those sites posted slow growth in July, while fourth-place Microsoft increased the number of searches performed on its site by 41 percent compared with last year, perhaps thanks to the renovation of its search business in Bing.

ComScore also released statistics by geographic region: the Europeans searched the most in July, but residents of Latin America were responsible for the most searches per person.

Worldwide search market share numbers released by ComScore on Monday.Photo by ComScore