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Search for Chewbacca instead of Waldo in 'Where's the Wookiee?'

New Star Wars kids book features 40 pages of intricate illustrations of everyone's favorite 8-foot-tall walking carpet getting lost in crowds of Ewoks, Jawas and more.

How long will it take you to find Chewbacca in a crowd? Egmont

Beloved space smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca are famous for escaping capture from Jabba the Hutt's bounty hunters and Darth Vader's Stormtroopers.

The duo has a talent for hiding out in asteroid fields, but did you know Chewbacca has a special skill for getting lost in a the forests of Endor or the busy Jawa market?

In a new book, "Star Wars: Where's the Wookiee? A Search and Find Activity Book," fans of all ages can test their detective skills by looking for Chewbacca in mobs of various characters at famous Star Wars locales.

The children's Star Wars book -- out from UK publisher Egmont this month and retailing for around $12 (£8 or AU$17) -- is clearly inspired by the popular '90s children's search-and-find book "Where's Waldo?" -- or "Where's Wally?" if you hail from outside of North America.

Searching for Chewbacca in this chaotic marketplace would make even Darth Vader lose his cool. Egmont
It's not easy to find Chewbacca when an Ewok party is in full swing. Egmont

But instead of looking for the distinct red and white stripped shirt and hat on a bespectacled man named Waldo or Wally in hordes of people, you have to find Chewbacca in large crowds of partying Ewoks among dark trees.

Or maybe you can spot the Wookiee in the hustle and bustle of an active marketplace full of Jawas, droids, banthas, dewbacks, tauntauns and characters wrangling other creatures in the desert landscape of Tatooine.

The book includes 40 pages of illustrations by artist Ulises Farinas -- who is well known for highly detailed illustrations that manage to keep the eyeballs of both adults and kids busy for hours on end.

Try your best to find Chewbacca in the sample pages above.