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Sear and steam with less cleaning

The George Foreman RC0995P Smart Kitchen Multicooker provides a searing feature for easy one-pot cooking convenience.

Minimize the mess.
Minimize the mess. George Foreman

As far as required cleaning tasks go, doing the dishes usually isn't too bad of a chore. But that doesn't mean anybody necessarily wants to do them. One way to keep the pile under control is to keep it simple when it comes to cooking. However, that's easier said than done as there is no shortage of kitchen gear to choose from when deciding what's for dinner. One sure way to help eliminate (or at least minimize) the mess is to cook everything in one pot.

The George Foreman RC0995P Smart Kitchen Multicooker won't do the dishes for you, but it will make it easier to clean up after dinner. A convenient sear feature on the machine allows for all-important flavor-building that comes by browning food before cooking it through. After searing, a variety of meals can be prepared with the one appliance.

Soups, stews, rice dishes, steamed fish, or vegetables: these are all dishes easily prepared in the multicooker. The 26-cup capacity appliance provides ample room to prepare a meal for a crowd. When serving, the cooking vessel detaches from the unit and transports directly to the table, further reducing kitchen clutter. Though individual plates are probably a necessary evil at the dinner table (or at least a good idea), using one appliance as a meal-maker means more time in the kitchen for the good stuff: cooking and eating.